Dr Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler is the founder of the biochemic healing method he was born on the 21st of August 1821 in Bad Zwischenahn. The therapy makes use of only 12 mineral (salts), all of which can be found naturally in the human body, and which we ingest every day in our food.

Tissue  salts work hand and hand with Bowen therapy as they support the body in the rest and repair mode by assisting in the removal of acid minerals. If there is too much stress the receptivity of minerals will be reduced, which in turn means there is a need to increase supply, the problem is that when there is a reduction of minerals in the body, there will be a decrease of "support" at the same time- the immune system for example will no longer be able to function at "peak performance levels" and "resistance is lowered" therefore the body is subjected to a higher risk of infection and disease.

What are Tissue Salts?

The Schuessler salts are not mineral salts in the usual sense, they are potentiated through dilution, and therefore directly nourish the cells in the organism. Tissue salts achieve their effect through the mucous membranes in the mouth and dissolve within 5 seconds. The difference between taking other vitamins and tissue salts is that these do not have to be processed via the digestive system before being absorbed.

What can Tissue Salts help with?

The variety of conditions that can be treated by Tissue salts are  wide, they can start from acute illnesses to long standing illnesses. They can be taken by infants all the way through to old age. Coughs, colds, stress, tonsillitis, emotional imbalance etc.